Sometimes when I'm decorating a room and things are falling a little flat, I like to stand back and think about what color is missing that might help round out the space.

 photo aDSC_0748.jpg

When I needed a pair of lamps for our bedroom, I felt like it would be a good place to bring in a bright shot of color. I found these lamps on clearance at Target and I thought they might paint up well.

 photo sDSC_1122.jpg

I don't think the lamp base is made of real wood, but it looks a lot like a cut log on a lucite base. I thought a painted version would be a little like this idea.

 photo aDSC_1125.jpg

I wasn't sure what color I wanted to paint the lamp bases, so I mocked up the room using paint swatches at the hardware store. I'm sure the guy at the paint counter thought I was nuts, but it really did help me in a pinch to see how all the colors I already had in the room would work together with the new lamp color. I picked Glidden's Spearmint Gum and got a quart in high gloss.

 photo IMG_7961.jpg

I just used an artist's brush to cut in on the edges and then a 2" angles brush for most of the base.

 photo DSC_1139.jpg

 photo DSC_1148.jpg

Later I clean up any mess-ups with a razor blade, but it was pretty easy to stay mostly on the wood part.

 photo DSC_1168.jpg

I love the slight texture of the wood-like grain under the glossy green paint. I think it's such a pretty combo with the lucite base and the black linen shade.

 photo zDSC_0737.jpg

 photo qDSC_0710.jpg

And the pop of bright green is just what the space needed. I think colorful lamps are always a good idea.

 photo xDSC_0722.jpg

 photo qDSC_0717.jpg

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