I was so 50/50 on the chevron floor angles (and the vote in the comments was a close split too!), but it was time to make a choice this week, so I just went with my initial thought and chose the 30-degree cut. I've been getting reeeeal friendly with the miter saw ever since.

 photo aDSC_0462.jpg

We set up the saw so there is a blocker right at 24" away from the blade. This way, I never have to measure or mark a single plank of wood. I just cut one end and then slide the plank down and butt up the cut end to the blocker and cut again. It's still slow-going, but I think we're about halfway through the cuts at this point.

 photo cDSC_0474.jpg

 photo cDSC_0467.jpg

The floors in the kitchen got a little update this week as well. I had painstakingly painted every single one of the tile squares about a month or so ago and left the grout lines exposed.

 photo ssDSC_0448.jpg

The plan was to regrout sometime soon, so that the grout looked clean and new (see how dingy it looks in the above photo? I think the old sealer had started to wear off). But as I've been brainstorming backsplash options, I just kept feeling like there were block patterns and grout lines everywhere in the kitchen, with all the brick on the floors and the arched brick range surround. I wanted to do something to minimize all that. So on a whim I poured some new paint on the floor and rolled on a top coat, completely painting over the grout lines.

 photo aDSC_0566.jpg

I'm not quite finished yet (I'll share after photos when I am), but I am thrilled with the look so far. It's about a million times more clean and new-looking. 

 photo DSC_0559.jpg

Sour grapes are not my thing, but I'm sort of kicking myself for not doing this sooner and for spending like 15 hours before, painting all the individual tiles in the dining, kitchen, pantry and mudroom. (grumble)