I keep kicking myself for not painting the house before the floors were put in (we're on the home stretch there, by the way! So happy!). But the fact is, it just didn't make sense to paint before now. The walls just weren't ready. We still have some drywall work that has to get done and one of the rooms needs to be skim-coated, so I haven't been thinking all that seriously about paint colors. But it's time to figure it out now. I had so much fun sitting on the beach in San Diego over the long weekend, looking at paint decks and finally thinking about how I want to decorate our home. Let the games begin!!

 photo xDSC_0445.jpg

For the most of the main areas and the hallways, I want to do a neutral light gray. I do this in most every home I decorate, just because I think it always looks so fresh and bright and clean.
The two colors that I thought were going to be my main contenders are on the left, above. On top is Benjamin Moore's Titanium and Wickham Gray is on the bottom.

 photo xxDSC_0442.jpg

I thought I needed something with a bit more blue in the undertones, but I think Wickham Gray (bottom) is too blue. I'm leaning toward the Titanium (top). Those green undertones are just singing to me in here!

The order is switched in the photo below. Titanium is on the bottom.

 photo sDSC_0452.jpg

I might throw up a few different colors up on poster boards today to see if there's a color I like more. Maybe something a hair darker. I don't want to go too dark though.

 photo sDSC_0465.jpg
 photo DSC_0473.jpg

In the music room, I was thinking about doing a green lacquer. The color here is Kennebunkport Green. I'm going to let this one sort of simmer for a bit.

 photo vDSC_0439.jpg

I'm pretty positive I want to do Knoxville Gray on the big wall of built-ins in the library. This is one of my very favorite colors. It is like a chameleon - it just sort of works with whatever you pair it with.

 photo vDSC_0440.jpg

If I don't use Knoxville Gray on the shelving, I might be tempted to use it in our bedroom. I put up a sample of Palladian Blue, but it might be too sweet for what I'm imagining in here. It's a great color though.

 photo sDSC_0461.jpg

 photo ssDSC_0459.jpg

Also on the to do list today is to finalize a layered trim design for the big doors and pass-throughs. Jason (who is very good at carpentry) is tackling those for me. I'm going to start the base boards and the regular door and window casings myself, so I really need to figure out these paint colors soon.

 photo sDSC_0474.jpg