I've been having the best luck with thrift stores and vintage furniture shop finds since we moved here! I won't lie, it feels like a super-sweet consolation prize for leaving New York's great vintage shopping scene (which I had been really sad about). It might take a little more work to find the great pieces here - but they do exist and they are cheap. It feels a lot like Delaware did, where people either don't know what they have or they know and don't like it so are willing to part with things for a song. Which is still weird to me because, you know, the internet exists! Why not sell the stuff online? Not that I'm complaining about getting deals!

 photo IMG_6862.jpg

I've lived in lots of different cities at this point and I think the best way to find new sources is to be willing to stop your car everywhere you go. Whenever you're driving, be watching for signs for thrift stores, used furniture and junk shops and even consignment stores. Don't ever judge a book (shop) by its cover (window displays/signage) either. Often times the weird new stuff will be  prominently displayed in the front and the great vintage finds will be tucked in the way back. This exact scenario played out for me a couple of days ago when I was driving around Scottsdale, waiting for my cracked iPhone screen to get repaired (why I don't have any real-time photos of the experience). I saw a consignment store had banners and balloons out front saying they were closing down, so I decided to pop in even though the place looked like it was going to be a major flop in the finds department.

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I nearly turned right around about three steps into the store. It was almost completely empty except for a handful of oversized Tuscan stuff that is (was??) so popular here. But I kept walking around and found a back room area that had a pretty good selection of vintage things. The owners were moving things out of the room. Apparently they had officially closed down the day before. I did a quick once over and the only thing that really caught my eye was a dining set in the very back corner of the store. Six chairs and a table.

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 photo IMG_6851.jpg

I asked how much for the set even though I thought I wouldn't take it. Only $50. It was a steal. I went over to take a closer look at the set. The more I looked at the chairs, the more I wanted them. The proportions were perfect and I loved the elongated oval shape of the backs. The tight caning was in perfect condition and I really liked the style of the weave. So simple.

 photo zIMG_6856.jpg

Then I flipped one of the chairs over and saw a flash of a gold name plate. That was a good sign.

 photo IMG_6844.jpg


 photo IMG_6839.jpg

No wonder the shape was just perfect and they weighed about a million pounds each. So solid.

I told the sellers I would love to buy the set and asked if they were sure that $50 was enough. While I was asking that, my mind was racing with Do I or Don't I ethical questions about needing to tell them about what I figured was the real value of the set. And then the owner completely put me to ease by saying "Oh, aren't they great? Did you see they're by Widdicomb? I wish more people cared about great mid-century design here. I'd be happy to give them to you for $50 just so I don't have another set to load up on the truck."

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I still felt a little guilty, but I was also so excited. Find of the century for me! I've been wanting Louis chairs for a long time, but I've been too picky up until now to spend a ton of cash on brand new chairs. I'm so glad I waited. I gave Ali, my sister, the table already since I think we're going to use the old Drexel table like I mentioned before. I think the two styles will pair really nicely together!

The same day I found this cute pair of swivel arm chairs for $30! I love the shape of the arms. They need to get reupholstered, but I think they're going to look amazing in a new fabric. I'm thinking maybe the library?

 photo dIMG_5528.jpg

Since my luck was running so high that day, I also swung into Home Fabrics to look for a vinyl for the Louis chairs. BINGO.

 photo IMG_6869.jpg

Dark gray. Buttery soft. So much like leather in look and feel. Not thin, squeaky or sweaty like most vinyls. And is was only $6.99 a yard!

 photo IMG_6868.jpg

Most anything would be an improvement on the current fabric though. Looks like these chairs got a little face lift in the 80s. Time for some new clothes, ladies!

 photo IMG_6858.jpg

Now to figure out what color I should paint the frames. My mom and I were talking about it and she suggested considering leaving them mostly as-is, just a good cleaning and brightening. I like the idea a lot and it might look good to have something a little more antique-y looking in the room, but I don't want them looking too vintage in the bad way. You know? If I go bright white though, they might look too new and cheap-looking. Black would be a similar result I think, unless I did a chalky, matte paint. But then, fingerprints! I could do a bright color, but I want to paint the lanterns red, so that would be overkill. I was also thinking about stripping the frames and doing sort of a limewash look... Lots to figure out!