We've had some big wins in the fireplace department lately. Remember how I wanted something more traditional for the mantel, but with cleaner lines? This image from House and Home was my loose inspiration.

 photo showhome-study.jpg

 photo IMG_5835.jpg

Jason worked on framing out the fireplace surround for me while I went to Home Depot to figure out trim to make the new mantel with.

 photo aIMG_7199.jpg

I want a really rounded out molding - something to mimic the curves of the inspiration image's mantel. I felt like I was sort of striking out, until I spotted this hand rail. The rod had been planed so that there was a flat surface on one side - perfect for getting the look of that rounded, tube-looking molding that also sits flat.

 photo IMG_7215.jpg

I picked up a few other moldings - some crown and chair rail - and also some of this smaller circular trim below, which gives the effect of a rounded beading. We used a small pinner nail gun to hang the molding after cutting it to size with a miter saw.

 photo IMG_7291.jpg

 photo IMG_7274.jpg

 photo IMG_7272.jpg

We built up the outside of the mantel with trim and molding so it would stick out more than the inner-most frame of the mantel.

 photo aDSC_0494.jpg

 photo IMG_7308.jpg

You can get a better sense of the angles of the mantel frame by looking at the floors here above. It's pretty subtle right now, which I like and I wanted, but I think once the mantel is painted it will look really special. I love it.

 photo IMG_7304.jpg

 photo IMG_7300.jpg

I'm working on filling the nail holes today and prepping for the paint job the whole fireplace will be getting soon. And actually the whole room needs to be painted (especially that ceiling) before we hang the sconces and the tv. Also, I still need to go shopping for some dark stone remnants for the firebox surround. We're quite a few steps away from finished here, but I am crazy-excited to have this much accomplished! Project progress is so good for my soul.

 photo IMG_7298.jpg