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When we first moved into the Valley house, I was frustrated by the number of exterior doors and mini-porches here. It seemed silly and inefficient. I still wish our exits were consolidated, but I have a new appreciation for our side porch, which is in front of the mudroom and next to the garage. We've been using this space so much lately and I think it's starting to look pretty cute:

 photo XADSC_0449.jpg

 photo aaaDSC_0422.jpg

Here's the full rundown on our little porch makeover...
Remember what this spaced looked like before?

 photo IMG_6556.jpg

 photo IMG_6555.jpg

Pretty sad. It looks so much more lived in now! Adding just a little bit of furniture and some pots with pretty plants made a huge difference.

 photo DDSC_0434.jpg

 photo XDSC_0456.jpg

 photo zDSC_0508.jpg

My favorite is our new blue porch swing.

 photo XDSC_0444.jpg

We live close to a lot of family members now, so we find ourselves having impromptu gatherings a few times a week.

 photo sDSC_0566.jpg

 photo zDSC_0504.jpg

My mom was in town a couple days ago and we were having unseasonably cool weather, so Heather picked up Grimaldi's pizzas and we made s'mores on the newly furnished front porch.

 photo zDSC_0516.jpg

 photo cDSC_0538.jpg

Energizer had recently invited me to try out their new outdoor lanterns, so I pulled them out for our little s'mores party. We live in a really quiet private neighborhood where there aren't a ton of street lights. We love how dark it gets here (hello, star gazing!), except for when we want to have friends over for s'mores and scooter-riding. :) Their newly designed lights were super helpful for task and general lighting, and I like that they run on LED technology. I'm sure we'll be taking these lights on our next camping trip.

 photo cDSC_0620.jpg

The pop-up lantern ended up being our favorite to use. The kids took turns hanging it from their scooters while they zipped around the culdesac. 

 photo DSC_0417.jpg

We needed some extra seating on the porch for the s'mores party, so I pulled out the Kagan style wire chairs that I bought in Williamsburg. It's pretty low on the priority list at this point, but I'd really love to strip these and paint them a dark peacock blue to play off the porch swing color.

 photo XDSC_0454.jpg

 photo XDSC_0442.jpg

Also, I randomly found a pair of vintage wire chairs on Craigslist that look a lot like my wire chairs, except with much lower backs. I think the two pairs look great sitting together. The new pair is a bright white, which I like and will keep.

 photo XDSC_0459.jpg

Won't those taller chairs look great in a glossy peacock blue? The trio of colors with the neon yellow stools from Target will be fun.

 photo cDSC_0572.jpg

The new swing was also a Craigslist find. A couple in Mesa builds these swings together and sells them (painted and with hardware) for about $100. All I had to do was hang ours! It's really cute and fits perfectly in front of the mudroom window on our porch.

 photo DSC_0467.jpg

Another lucky Craigslist find was this chiminea for $40. My mom and Gracie helped me paint it white, which I liked better than the terracotta finish. I think it makes it look a little more California-Spanish style in the white.

 photo IMG_6609.jpg

 photo DSC_0430.jpg

I'm completely in love with the chiminea. I really like that the access to the fire is smaller than a traditional open fire pit. It feels a little safer with all these kids running around (though we always have at least one adult on fire-watching duty to keep the situation as safe as possible)

 photo DSC_0550.jpg

 photo zDSC_0486.jpg

The chiminea fire makes the yummiest, chewiest toasted marshmallows. Throw a little dove chocolate or Nutella in the mix and I'm in heaven.

 photo cDSC_0596.jpg

 photo fDSC_0582.jpg

 photo bDSC_0555.jpg

It's been a busy month since moving to Arizona, but I keep telling Michael that it feels like the day is 32 hours long here. In New York it felt like there were only about 12 hours to have. Now there's more than enough time to get all the work done, and plenty left over for the fun stuff. Suddenly nights and weekends are ours again - and it feels so good.

 photo DSC_0600.jpg

 photo vDSC_0549.jpg

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