How great is this living room of one of my readers, Linda?

 photo LShukla_1.jpg

She wrote to me:  "I recently spied my old chalk board markers and randomly decided to draw on the glass of a couple picture frames.  It ended up being super fun and I liked the look (a bit irreverent), so thought I would share with you.  It's so simple and something your girls might enjoy for personalizing existing framed pictures.  And it wipes right off with a damp paper towel."

 photo LShukla_2.jpg

I love this! It is endlessly exciting for me to see the creative ideas you guys come up with. Sometimes the blog world can feel a little stale and your submissions are like a breath of fresh air in my inbox! :) If you'd like to share one of your ideas, feel free to email me.

And for kicks, here are just a few more photos of Linda's pretty living room. Man, I'm so loving dark wall color, always and forever.

 photo LShukla_3.jpg

 photo LShukla_4.jpg

 photo LShukla_6.jpg

 photo LShukla_5.jpg