A couple years ago I found a pretty beat up copy of the Sotheby's Auction catalogue from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' estate at the flea market.

 photo 4DSC_0065.jpg

I wouldn't say that I'm more interested in Jackie than the next person (other than her work with Sister Parish on the White House reno - I have another vintage book on that topic and it's fascinating. I'll be sure to share later.). But this catalogue is really something else. It's almost like reading a blog by Jackie. Most of the items for sale included photos of her wearing or using the item and usually a short, interesting personal story about the piece.

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It's not the same thing at all, obviously, but it made me glad for a second that I've kept going with this little blog here for my family's sake. I'm no good at keeping a personal journal, but maybe my kids will be interested in reading these posts when they're older. And in the off-chance that I've kept any of my furniture/clothes/jewelry that long, that they would have a little provenance and family history that make my trinkets a little more personal and meaningful. (And now I'm thinking it's time to curb a lot of the F21/H&M purchases. Cost-per-wear, baby. Cost per wear.) :)

 photo 12DSC_0072.jpg

(My favorite page in the catalogue - a painting of Jacqueline and her sister Lee in India. Those trees! The watercolor sold was one of the original paintings used in the book Mrs. Kennedy Goes Abroad)

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PS Don't you ever wonder if blogs as they exist now will still be going strong in, like, ten years? Or are blogs the 8 track of social media? :)