Want to hear what my new favorite idea is for painting furniture?

If you're stuck on choosing what color to paint a cabinet or a bookshelf, try going with the wall color. Especially if your walls are a more dramatic color (this trick is a lot less fun if your walls are a very pale neutral or white).

 photo DSC_0275.jpg

I tried it first here in my office and then two more times with different client projects, and I'm just floored every time at how much I like the look. When furniture matches the wall color it gives the space texture but doesn't break up the flow of the room in the way that contrasting colors can.

 photo 2DSC_0254.jpg

I almost sold these fretwork cabinets a couple months ago because I was bored with them, but they really are the perfect size for my office and they provide some much-needed storage (as seen here). Painting them the color of the walls (BM's Chelsea Gray) gave them a second life for me, and now I'm glad I held onto them a little longer. Man, I've got to stop flying through furniture so fast! Do you get sick of stuff like I do? My furniture attention span is shrinking like crazy the longer I'm in this business.

 photo DSC_0237.jpg

(PS I lightly sanded the old paint job before brushing on the new coat of gray paint. I used a paint+primer formula, so I didn't bother to prime first. And I didn't use even an inch of painter's tape on all those tricky fretwork pieces because this totally works every time.)