Meet Linus. He came to live with our family over Christmas and we've quickly fallen in love with him.

His brother, Wooly, lived with a really nice guy in our last building. We were always so impressed with Wooly and how he interacted with our girls. We reached out to the woman that once owned Wooly and more than a year later, right before Christmas, she emailed us asking if we had a home for Wooly's brother whom she no longer had space for.

He's two years old, but his soul is much older. His eyes are soft and kind, and he's as gentle as can be - a giant teddy bear, really. Did I mention we are in love with him? We are. Evie cried and cried when we dropped him off at the boarders before our trip to Arizona. And the reunion we had with him today was just unbelievably sweet. I think Linus likes being in our family too.

Before we met him for the first time, we were going through books to find the perfect name for a French standard poodle (Hugo and Sebastian were in the running), just in case. His former owner introduced us to him as Linus, and Michael and I both threw our hands up in the air. Linus! Isn't that just the perfect name for him? Such a sweetie.

PS Those are my new silk pillows in the background here. Only $20 from West Elm! They are so lovely in person. I think the bits of apricot in the pattern are pretty on my green sofa.

Also, thank you again for your support with the Homies. I hate to ask for your vote, but it means a lot to me and for the traffic of this little blog if I can make it into the next round. Thanks so, SO much! xo