Marianne and Jamie from White and Gold Design are based out of Salt Lake City. They are doing some great work and emailed me with one of their simple DIYs for their new office space.

Jamie says:

"Needing some desks for our new office space on a tight budget, we were inspired by your etageres post and how the spray paint completely transformed the piece. We bought the Vika Amon table top and it has a thick glossy finish that is actually pretty nice. We also bought plus two of the trestle style legs. Total spent $55. 

"We picked up some Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint, did two quick coats on the legs and absolutely love the finished product!  


"This DIY was awesome because it was so incredibly simple and best of all, cheap. You could buy any size of the table top from Ikea and create a similar look for a console table or even a small dining table. 

"The legs really look like brass and the ordinary IKEA screws that we all hate transformed into nice brass bolts." 

Looks great, right? Marianne and Jamie are a really talented duo! Check out these photos from Marianne's home:

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