We made it back to New York, happy and tired. This week is going to be completely nuts. We originally had until the middle of August to be moved out of our loft, which was going to be nice for getting some of the bigger brownstone renovations done before moving our stuff in. But while we were in Arizona, we found out that we have to move out of the loft this weekend! Yikes! Also, we have a photographer coming to shoot the loft on Friday. Double yikes! I'm sure it will work out fine, but I'll be relieved when this week is over.

While I'm styling the loft for the photos and packing up the contents of our drawers this week, the Olympics will be playing in the background. The summer games are so much more fun to watch than the winter, don't you think? I love swimming, diving, gymnastics and I'm so excited for the track events to start up! As a side note, does any one else feel old and out of shape while watching the Olympics??

Vintage Olympics posters from eBay