Provision of infant formula on baby can be done with a certain special. Babies, possible to given the formula milk if the mother has certain conditions that do not allow infants given breast milk exclusively from the mother. As we know that infants and toddlers have a sensitive digestive system. Just a little food or drink that does not match the capabilities they will cause indigestion the child itself. Indigestion that typically occurs in children due to the provision of infant formula that is not too sterile include: diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation / bowel obstruction.
In general all baby formulas in circulation in the world have the same nutritional content. Because should follow standard RDA in the amount of calories, vitamins and minerals should conform to the needs of infants in achieving optimal growth. A good selection of baby formulas can support the growing child. In addition, the formulas that are eligible to be consumed daily nutritional requirements for children are infant formula that does not cause indigestion in the digestive system of the child. In other words the use of infant formula is appropriate for the condition and age of the child did not cause any disturbance of bodily functions is the best milk for the child.
Soy baby formula is very popular among the public as a new option as an alternative to substitute for breast milk, soy baby formula is readily available and relatively inexpensive price. Mothers did not possible to give breast milk to her child, usually buy soy milk in the supermarket in the form of powdered milk/baby formula milk for soya. Soy milk has a value better than cow's milk and baby formula. Soy milk doesn't contain lactose (animal fat) so as not to cause allergic/diarrhea in infants that do not fit in with the cow's milk contains lactose.