Hello! How is your weekend going? My family is in town and they have been helping us tackle some of the bigger projects I wanted to get done this month. I can't wait to post the projects when we're all finished, but I'll just say now - things are looking good!! :)

Oh - just a quick share: There was a mini Alt at the end of last week here in NYC. The day went by so fast, but it was a really fun event. It was held at the Martha Stewart offices downtown, and we were so lucky to get to hear from many of the top editors at MSLO. It was super inspiring!

Borrowed from the #altsummit feed, but forgot to note the photographer! So sorry! Please speak up if it was you! (Update: thanks to Sarah for the photo! xx) 

Then in the middle of my panel, while I was mid-sentence, Martha herself unexpectedly walked into the room and there were audible gasps from the audience! :) She apologized for interrupting and borrowed my mic to say a quick hello. She even said a few words about blogging (and talked about how much work she knows it is because she keeps up her own daily blog). It was so, so cool! I can't think of any other creative business woman that I admire more than Martha. She is a very smart lady who has built an amazing empire. She can interrupt my sentences any time, any where! :)

I hope you're having a good one! xx