A little while back I bought this cool bench along with a couple other things from one of my favorite vintage dealers just outside the city. Later I realized the bench is actually from Worlds Away (ha!) but no harm done because there were no claims to age on the bench and I didn't pay much ($50-$75, I think).

I love the square base!

The seat was covered in a chocolate velvet that bugged me. I never loved the shade (it was a very pinky brown) and somehow it showed every little finger smudge from my kids. I've been planning on picking up some leather to reupholster the bench but hadn't had a chance to swing into Global Leathers yet. So last week when I stopped by my upholsterer's shop and I saw this leopard printed cowhide in the remnant bin, I jumped all over it. Won't this be great for the bench? I think the dots and the gold of the base will be so pretty together next to my new rugs and layered under this parsons console.

The pattern reminds me of one of my favorite wallpapers, Thibaut's Tanzania Animal Spots.

Meredith Heron used the pattern in her office here. So, so good! I love this space.