Degreasers are substances used to remove dirt, oil, and additional grime from an individual part or an entire piece of equipment. They come in a wide variety with some being more harmful to use than others. The most environmentally compatible products are those often seen around the home such as baking soda or lemon juice; however, these items do not work as well for heavy duty purposes in a commercial setting. A degreasing agent with minimal amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) is the next best option for commercial use.

These products limit the amount of released air pollutants, are safer to handle, and offer equivalent results to their more dangerous counterparts. A low VOC count organic solvent still requires the same special care during handling. Users should wear protective gloves and perform cleaning in a well-ventilated location.

What Properties Make a Citrus Organic Solvent a Safer Option?

Products should be chosen based on the type of cleaning to be performed and contain the least amount of dangerous chemicals. Organic solvents can be used for automotive degreasing, maintenance, concrete washing, and additional removal processes. Knowing how the agent will be used can drastically cut down selection choices, thus causing purchasing to be much easier. A degreaser with a citrus base can have additives that are extremely dangerous or mild depending on the manufacturer product makeup. A label can pinpoint harmful items such as chlorine and provide information on how much citrus has been used to create the agent.

A citrus based organic solvent can be applied directly or mixed with another substance like water or kerosene. A company should make certain the handler knows the instructions for use. Protective gear is required even for those with lower VOC counts. A mask, outdoor application, or additional usage requirements are common when choosing industrial strength cleaners. A citrus agent can be made from all natural compounds and still be highly effective for heavy duty cleaning. A commercial company seeking a safer alternative should look for these features:

    No Petroleum Distillates
    No Alkalis
    Biodegradable Properties
    No Dangerous Fumes

Products with these properties can be sprayed or wiped onto a surface to remove contaminants. A heavy duty, natural choice has the ability to strip tough organic soiling from machinery or parts over additional surfaces without posing harm to the environment. Degreasers with these qualities allow a company to be environmentally responsible and reduce handling risks while receiving the cleaning power necessary to obtain the desired results. Certain forms of natural products can combine easily with water under the set ambient temperature to penetrate several types of unwanted resins. They can be hosed off with water after remaining on the surface for a designated time.

Brushing is also possible when particles must be loosened to eliminate heavy accumulation. Citrus cleaners are highly effective in numerous commercial settings. Safer alternatives have been made available by manufacturers to allow a company to become greener and meet guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The above qualities are important when selecting an agent to implement in a commercial or industrial environment.