I love how many different ways a DIY tutorial can be reinvented!

My friend, Vanessa, who I went to high school with, did my sputnik DIY in her gorgeous living room (she used the smaller sized Maskros, which looks perfect here).

Guess what Vanessa used to make the rods look a little more substantial?? She cut straws from QT (a convenience store in AZ with the best drink selection ever - rivals Sonic) down the middle, wrapped them around the flimsy rods, and spray painted the whole thing. I love this!

Another improvement on my project: Vanessa painted the backs of the amuse bouche plates to better hide the little white plastic bits. Genius!

Here's another Maskros hack from the Picket Fence Design blog. It's pink! and OMBRE! What's not to love?!

They cut down the petals a little, like I did and then used three different colors of acrylic paint to give that graduated ombre effect.

Another beautiful project!

Thanks so much, ladies! If you have a project you think I'd love, email me at jenny at jennykomenda dot com.

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