Dear Jenny,

I have 5 year-old twin boys and I am pregnant again with another boy. While I'm happy to have another little buddy, I was sort of hoping to get to decorate a little girl's room this time. Almost all my inspiration images are full of pink and frilly things! :)

I know you have all girls in your family, but I'm positive if you had a son, his room would be adorable and chic, like everything else you do. Would you mind sharing some of your boy room inspiration images? I'd love pictures of both big boy rooms and nurseries. I feel so bored and stuck.

Please and thank you!

Hi Carrissa! I would LOVE to help here! In fact, a huge chunk of my Dear Jenny emails are requests for kids room inspiration images, so I put together two HUGE slideshows on Babble.

Cookie Magazine

Here are my very favorite boys rooms

And here and my very favorite girls rooms!

I think it's worth taking a look at both slideshows because there are design elements that could definitely work in gender specific or gender neutral rooms, depending on what you are looking for. Enjoy!! xx