I was sort of surprised that so many of you think that framing butterflies is a morbid practice. While I think it's a great idea to only purchase vintage pieces or to buy from humane harvesters (there are lots of these sellers on eBay and etsy), framed butterflies don't bother me at all and I love getting a chance to examine these beautiful creatures up close. The patterns and colors are completely amazing. Mother nature at her finest!

But if you're still creeped out by the real butterflies, check out what one of my readers, Krista, shared on her blog Kiki's List.

Krista purchased a few sets of these pretty plastic butterflies (meant for wedding cakes a la Martha!) on etsy and framed the sets arranged by color in shadow boxes from Michaels. Doesn't this look great? Check out her entire post here.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful project, Krista!!

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