Hi! Happy Monday! Sorry for not updating last Friday - summer is here, which means end of the school year parties, family vacations/visitors and clients who are ready to have projects wrapped up! :) I did finish the chairs, and I have about a million photos to share with you. Before I sit down to write out the next steps, I thought I would share some thoughts about staple guns.

There are three kinds to be aware of: pneumatic, electric and manual. A pneumatic gun is the very best - it's what the professionals use. You can get a good gun for about $50, but the problem is you need an air compressor too. These can be pricey, big and very loud (why I don't have one).

When it was time to start upholstering the chairs, I ran into some problems initially because I was using too many staples in all my layers (more on that later). I went to Home Depot to buy a new electric staple gun that uses the shorter, rounder staples, thinking this would help fix my problem. I bought this $30 gun:

After trying it out, I'm not the hugest fan. It doesn't have anywhere near the power of a pneumatic gun (though it does have the same scary sounds that make me nervous for the safety of my fingers).

I ended up ditching the electric gun and going back with my old trusty PowerShot Pro. It has an ergonomic design, that makes long jobs with lots of staples easy. My hand never cramps up.

Do you have a favorite staple gun or thoughts on pneumatic vs electric vs manual?

Off to upload all those photos! xx