We've got family in town today and deadlines are hounding me, so I'll just quickly share two storage solutions I spied on Pinterest:

1) Lillian at Domestic Simplicity used an IKEA spice rack as children's book storage. They're $3.99 each! What's not to love!? I would love to see these used on the back of a bedroom door in an apartment. It's a great small space trick. And of course the sky's the limit with color options here.

2) Ana always has great (and totally achievable) wood-working tutorials. I love her laundry storage idea and wish I had one in our home. Anyone else feel like they're doing laundry every single waking moment? The girls are starting to help me a little more and being able to sort them right out of the dryer would be a great time-saver for us!

Do you have a clever storage idea? I'd love to hear about it.