Hi friends!

2011 has started out with a bang for me. If the past four days are any indication of what the rest of this year will be like, I think the major descriptive words will end up being 'Crazy' and 'Exciting'. How is the first week of the year going for you?

This month, I'm flying to SLC to be a speaker and attendee at Alt Design Summit. I am really excited to meet more blog friends and to get to talk with all of them about blogging communities.

Here's where I could REALLY use your help, dear readers. I would be eternally grateful if each and every one of you could take just a few minutes to answer this survey here about my blog. It's completely anonymous and mostly multiple choice. Pretty please, help a blog sister out?

Here's to a crazy, exciting and AMAZING year of decorating adventures together! Can't wait to share with you in 2011! Hugs and kisses all around.