It's a snow day here in New York. I took a quick trip (well, not so quick actually - it took us an hour and a half to get home in the snow!) up to the huge Target in the Bronx last night and it feels so good to have a full pantry and all the essentials here. Today I'm getting organized and cleaning the house up a little.

I think I'm ready to sell another round of fabric. Would you be interested in that? I'm constantly buying up fabrics for client projects or my own rooms. Many of these don't get actually used, and I don't really want to keep storing it all. (though, it's tempting)

I need to take an inventory, but I know I have 10 yards of midnight and 6 yards of citrine imperial trellis up for sale. The price is $65/yard (retails for $180). Payment via paypal only. Shipping costs will depend on the yardage purchased.

Update: These yardages have been sold, but keep an eye out for more fabrics soon. Thanks for all the inquiries!

Email me at jenny