I fell head over heals for these fabric-covered children's chairs in the kids section at ABC.

At $170 each though, I'm thinking this would be a good piece to DIY.

The backs are obviously different, but I'm pretty sure my favorite kids chairs from the Conran shop would work really well for this project. (On sale for $30.60 each, available in pink, blue and white). The legs and the seat are very similar to the inspiration chair.

EDIT: Thanks to your comments everyone! The IKEA Minnen chair is the exact same frame! $16.99 each!

I'd just use a two-inch brush to paint on some Mod Podge or watered down Elmers glue on top of pretty quilting cotton that was cut to fit generously. (PS my favorite cotton prints are available at Purl SOHO - including Liberty of London Tana Lawns and adorable Japanese fabrics). Once the fabric has dried (and fully shrunk) after a day or two, trim the edges with a razor blade and then seal it all up with Polycrylic.

Sounds fun and easy, right!? I think I'm going to order a pair of chairs today.