I really love our apartment. We waffled so much on where to live - uptown? downtown? Brooklyn? Westchester? In a (very literal) last minute turn of events, we signed a lease on a loft downtown and now it's hard to picture us anywhere else. Well, at least for the next year or two! ;)

- One bathroom, though that's pretty standard here, and it's really only an issue when we have guests
- We had to build walls to make the bedrooms and my office.
- This is also sort of on my pros list, but the floors are white epoxy over concrete. I love the look, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that me and my Swiffer mop are closer than ever these days. We're making the jump to a "no shoes past the entry" household.

picture taken standing in what is now the girls' room, looking into what is now our room, followed by Evie's room (aka glorified walk-in closet) our of the shot and to the left and then the bathroom straight ahead.

- It's a big place for NYC - almost 1500sq ft!
- Washer/dryer in the unit! yay!
- Big windows
- Now that we have walls up (see the floor plans), we have all sorts of storage space. All of the partitions are closets or bookshelves.
- the open concept living/dining set up is really working out for our family

LR windows

Also, the downtown location has been so perfect. My husband walks to work - he's even able to sneak home for lunch sometimes! His hours are sort of less than ideal now, so this time is especially precious.

I have loved getting your emails and comments saying how excited you are to see our new place. And I appreciate your patience so much. There's so much on my plate right now, but I finally feel like I can start focusing on decorating MY home again! Which, let's be honest, is my favorite thing to do.

Here's a little sneak peek of the furniture lay out. This is so NOT to scale, and a few things have changed, but this gives you an idea of the way we divided up the space with the walls and our furniture.

I'm going to call it a week and take tomorrow off. I've got some sick kids at home (boo to cold and flu season!), and an old college roommate coming to visit for a few days. She's really great though, and won't mind if I'm slapping a couple coats of paint on my kitchen island or hanging artwork after our outings!

picture taken standing where our dining table now sits.

Have a great weekend!