I am such a huge fan of 20x200, a really great and affordable online art gallery. One Kings Lane is having a sale on gift cards to the site right now. $59 for a $100 gift card. I know I would be thrilled to get one or two of these for Christmas! I might just pick up a couple for myself before the sale ends on December 2. (And if you need a One Kings Lane account, click here to hook a sister up.)

Here are some of my favorites on 20x200 right now. I like to search by artist. It gives you little thumbnails of all the prints available on the site.

Very pretty day on Kite Hill

Perfect for that teenaged boy in your life! Love that inky blue.

I love cheeky art. This one is called Sad Vader.

The best art sucks you in and tells a story. Love this one called Ringside.

Cool? Or maybe a little creepy? Like, I'm thinking that looks a little too LOST smoke monster at first glance.

I really love this one of a volcanic land fissure in Iceland. The natural disaster swallowed up 360 houses in the 70's. Can you imagine living in that house on the end there? I think they probably felt pretty lucky.

Subtle nature shot. Love the color here.

And of course the Christian Chaize that I've been eying for a while now...